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Edited 10/12/2010

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HR 4302 - "SGR Doc Fix" + ICD-10 Delay until Oct 1, 2015 PASSES the Senate

Breaking News:


US Senate has passed HR 4302: 64 to 35. It is law if the President signs. Looks like ICD-10 is delayed another year. Updates & information forthcoming as it comes in.

Aetna Requires Yearly Fraud, Wast, Abuse Training: Urgent Care News

Contract Clause You May Have Missed: 
Aetna Requires Yearly Fraud, Waste, Abuse Training

2014 OIG Workplan Released

For those of you anxiously waiting, here's the Work Plan from the OIG for 2014.




2014 CPT Code changes & Updates

Here are a few sources to find 2014 CPT code updates.  These are just a few of the specialties – please feel free to sign in & add more or email me (ljohnsontx@inbox.com ) & I’ll add:

Anesthesia/Pain (this actually has a complete listing of all the code changes):  http://www.cbizweb.com/mmpnewsletter/get-pdf.php?n=92&a=477&include=''