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Ester Horowitz, MBA, CMC, CTRMS, CIISA

By ljohnson - Posted on 01 October 2010

Ester Horowitz, MBA, CMC, CTRMS, CIISA

Ester Horowitz, MBA, CMS, CITRMS, CIISA

Ester Horowitz, MBA, CMC, CITRMS  is a certified management counselor, certified risk management specialist, and candidate for Certified Fraud Examiner.

She owns M2Power Inc a growth and protection firm started in 1999.  The growth side focuses on growing health enterprises via client acquisition, sales, marketing and new business development.  The protection side provides identity theft protection and education, pre-breach preparedness, post breach support, and compliance for the 5 major privacy laws as well as local laws. She collaborates with national organizations such as Kroll, IBM, and Wilson Elser as part of her privacy solutions.

Ms Horowitz is an educator and author of numerous articles on business growth and identity theft that are found in many well respected publications nationally as well as the author of The Blatant Truth About Owning a Medical Practice. Her website is for more information.