I need Clinical Trials coding for cardiac stents

Hi folks, I am not a Coding professional, but do work in Clinical Research for a CRO. We get asked about coding all the time, and the latest question, which i am at a loss to understand, is WHY do post-marketing studies require a clinical research coding modifier? Where can i look to find out general information about coding for clinical research in general, devices in particular? If you can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful and would offer an adult beverage in payment. Thanks, Teresa in Boston area

Red Flag Rule

Recently I have discussed with several people how we will deal with pediatrics. We do not ask for id from children. What will we do to protect children from identity theft. I know of several instances in which a mother took a niece in to the doctor under the guise of the niece being her daughter? Any ideas?

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Hot off the press: *Changes to the WPS Medicare MAC Website*

Arthroscopic lateral retinacular release with open VMO advancement and medial cap reefing

My doctor did an arthroscopic lateral retinacular release and an open VMO advancement and medial capsular reefing. The release I have as 29873. However the VMO advancement I think is 27422. Can these 2 codes be billed together?

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Back by popular demand. Check back weekly for tidbits. NEW AUTHENTICATION ELEMENT FOR CALLS TO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE IVR (Part A & Part B) Effective April 6, 2009, when you call Customer Service or use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), you will be required to provide a third data element for authentication: the last 5 digits of your Tax Identification Number (TIN). You will only be allowed three attempts to correctly provide your National Provider Identifier (NPI), Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN), and last 5-digits of your TIN.

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PECOS Internet Based 855 Application System

I got an email from Chris Silva at the AMA who is writing an article on PECOS. He called CMS about the problem that someone other than the practitioner cannot fill out the internet based PECOS application and he found out this yesterday. ============================= He spoke with CMS late yesterday and they said they're going to make a change to the language in the 855 paper form will clear the way for billers to use the PECOS system.