Salmonella Outbreak - Recall Notices

Anthem BCBS - to pay $13+ Million in Fines for BAD FAITH

"Blue Shield & Anthem Blue Cross Agree To Pay A Record $13M in Fines

Two of California’s largest insurers, Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross, have agreed to pay $13 million in fines for rescinding insurance policies from thousands of Californians over the past few years. The insurers will also offer new insurance coverage to those whose policies were canceled and create processes to reimburse former policyholders’ out of pocket expenses."

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Help Please! CPT for Pulmonary Vein Isolation.

I am trying to code the anesthesia for Pulmonary Vein Isolation. I think it is 93799 (unlisted) but my manager is worried that we won't get proper payment and insists that there has to be a listed CPT code that will link to an ASA. The problem is, he may be right. There is never any "Op Notes" for us to submit so I can't see how we could get paid for using the unlisted. I'm new and I don't want to do the wrong thing but I don't want to just take everyone else's word for it and "just use what everybody else is using"... Am I missing something? Is there any CPT that is acceptable?


I had a great letter at one time for claims denied by timely filing. It has disappeared and I was wondering if anyone else had one I could use. Thank you.

OIG Posts 5 Audit Reports

OIG today posts five audit reports. As always, selecting the link immediately following the report title will take you directly to the full document. Review of Administrative and Clerical Costs at Duke University for the Period October 1, 2002, Through September 30, 2004 (A-04-05-01014)

Emergency Department Billing of Auto Accidents

I am looking for anyone else who might bill for Emergency Department Physicians. We get all our demographic and insurance information via the hospital. I was wondering how other offices handle accounts when the patients were involved in an automobile accident? Any suggestions would be grateful, we have a protocol in place, but just seems like we are missing something? Thanks Becky Butcher Insurance Billing Director PEP